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Clearwater Koi

Please call ahead 07771 897108 prior to visiting. This enables us to ensure we comply with the Government’s Tier 4 Social Distancing rules.  

At Clearwater Koi and Aquatics, we have several ponds and tanks containing growing fish from some of Japan’s leading breeders – and all our specimens have been hand picked to ensure premium quality. You can be assured we have selected the best possible fish for you to choose from.

All of our Koi ponds are connected to a gas boiler system, meaning we can easily raise and lower temperatures on all ponds independently. We also chill the water when carrying out our heat ramp protocol.

Also each breeders fish has a completely separate system for our quarantining purposes.

Premium selection of imported Japanese Koi from respected breeders including, Torazo, Sakuma, Seki, Hasagowa, Shanoda, Oofuchi, Kurihara, Maratta, Kaneko and many more.

Founded in 2018 Clearwater Koi and Aquatics has evolved following a hobby with a passion for Koi and after taking various personal buying trips to Japan.

Clearwater Koi is Kent’s newest Koi and Coldwater fish outlet, and as we continue to build our business we will look to to expand into offering our services online.

Pet Shop License Number LN/0201 90236

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“Amazing service and expert knowledge of imported Koi. If you can’t travel to Japan to purchase fish then you can’t go wrong with Clearwater Koi.”

Michael Somersby

“I was blown away by the quality of Koi at Clearwater. I can’t imagine it’ll be too long  before I’m back to add to my collection.”

Austin Gutheries