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TAP No More Pond Sludge is a scientific blend of beneficial organisms and natural minerals which perform the function of reducing unsightly sludge, silt and fish waste from ponds. By breaking down the waste into nitrogen, No More Sludge also helps boost pond filter performance.

No More Sludge Instructions:
Simply mix the correct amount of powder with pond water into a bucket or watering can and pour evenly over the pond surface.

Any initial cloudiness of the pond will clear within a few hours. Pond Sludge will begin to clear in a short time but allow up to 2 weeks. Repeat if pond sludge or debris returns.

No More Sludge Dose Rate:
Use one heaped spoonful (enclosed) per 65 gallons (300 ltrs) of pond volume - For maximum effect this dose can be doubled.

TAP no more sludge

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