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Kusuri 8-Piece Topical Treatment Kit for Koi. A complete easy to use kit,  for the beginner or experienced fish keeper. For treating Ulcers, wounds and Fin Rot.


This boxed kit is supplied with the following:

1 x 150ml of Kusuri Masuizai Koi Sedate
1 x 100ml Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner
1 x 100ml Kusuri Anti-Bac
1 x 100ml Spare bottle
1 x 25gms of Kusuri Orahesive Sealer Powder
1 x 50ml Kusuri Top Coat Sealer
1 pair of surgical gloves
10 x cotton bud applicators
Comprehensive step by step instructions
All kit components are replaceable, so you need never run short of any particular item.

Kusuri Topical Treatment Kit

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